Angola: INACOM announces an increase in fixed lines and 8.69 million mobile users


A total of 302,991 landline telephone networks were installed countrywide, until 2009, according to statistics data of the National Communication Institute (INACOM) made available to ANGOP in Luanda.

According to the data from INACOM, in 2009 there was an increase of 85,294 lines, in comparison to the year 2008, in which 217,697 lines were installed.

Concerning the mobile telephone service, until the year 2009, at least 50 in each 100 inhabitants in Angola already had a mobile phone, in a total estimated at 16 million inhabitants.

The regulator said that, in 2009, 8.69 million inhabitants had access to mobile phoning services, surpassing the 6.77 million of the year 2008. From the country's 18 provinces, Luanda (capital) has the highest number of users of mobile and landline telephone services.

In the landline service, there are about five operating firms, namely Mundo Startel, MSTelecom, Nexus, Wezacom and Angola Telecom, the latter being a state-run firm that controls the basic telecommunication network of the country.

Except for Angola Telecom, that provides services to at least 200,000 clients nationwide, all landline operators are new in the national market and provide voice, SMS and Internet services, among others.

Angola Press