Zimbabwe: National ICT Strategic Plan Launched


The Government has unveiled the National Information Communication strategic plan that will run from 2010 to 2014, and is expected to usher the country into the global information "super highway".

Expectations are also high that the new strategic plan would transform Zimbabwe into a knowledge society and contribute significantly to the growth and development of the national economy.

The Ministry of Information Communication Technology has already finalised the ICT Bill and is awaiting approval from Cabinet before the legislative piece goes to Parliament for further scrutiny.

ICT Minister Nelson Chamisa said the strategic plan would address issues of cyber security, assist in the establishment of a governance regime, ICT utilisation, infrastructure development and management, e-business and e-government, ICT investment and partnerships.

In addition, the plan would also focus on promoting research and development in ICT and also mobilisation of resources to achieve the ministry's mandate of transforming the ICT sector.

Furthermore, Minister Chamisa said the plan would have quick-win targets such as harmonisation and optimisation of infrastructure, establishment of achievers awards, setting up ministerial websites, capacity building, ICT Government schools and development of communications infrastructure, among others.

"This strategic plan by the Ministry of ICT promotes the emergence and convergence of information and communication technologies, guides and consolidates the priorities to transform Zimbabwe into a knowledge society, and pulls the entire nation around a single vision," said Mr Chamisa when he launched the plan on Monday.

He said through the plan, the Government would address the developmental challenges associated with the implementation of a national ICT policy framework and create conditions conducive for ubiquitous connectivity and the pervasive use of ICTs. The plan would also enhance telecommunications penetration rates, currently at about 23 percent for mobile and 3 percent for fixed phones.

Government of Zimbabwe