IICD and NComputing Collaborate to Boost Development in Burkina Faso, Zambia and Bolivia Africa Using Innovative Low-Cost ICT Solutions


IICD and NComputing Inc signed an agreement in December to cooperate to promote reliable low-cost ICT solutions among IICD’s partner organisations in Africa and Latin America. Partner organisations in Bolivia, Burkina Faso and Zambia will be introduced to a computer system created by NComputing that enables people to use multiple computers at the same time but with significant less energy usage (and costs) compared to other computer systems.

One of IICD’s partners that will use the NComputing system is the Zambian Ministry of Sport, Youth and Child Development, which provides and manages Youth Resource Centres. The centres support out-of-school youth by offering them non-formal skills training (in for instance carpentry or car mechanics) and entrepreneurship support. Access to computers is a key requirement in the Youth Resource Centres. The NComputing-based solution allows broader dissemination of vital information about agriculture, health, e-governance and environment that can be used by teachers to enrich their existing curriculum and by students to increase their knowledge and skills.

NComputing is a United States based company that creates solutions that drastically reduce the cost of computing by allowing multiple people to simultaneously share a single computer. Over 15 million people use the company’s innovative award-winning virtual desktops every day.