Vodafone Inks Marketing Deal in Libya


Vodafone says that it has signed a non-equity cooperation deal with Libyan state owned mobile network, Almadar Aljadid (Al-Madar) to offer Vodafone branded services in the North African country.

Under the terms of this agreement, Almadar Aljadid will have exclusive access to Vodafone's range of products, devices and services in Libya. In addition, Vodafone will be able to use Almadar Aljadid's network to offer its customers a range of services, which utilise 'home' network capabilities as well as extended coverage within Libya.

The partnership will also enable multinational companies located outside Libya and with local operations to meet their needs for unified communications, centralised customer care and Vodafone services using Almadar Aljadid network.

Commenting on the agreement, Colin MacDougall, Vodafone Partner Markets director for Africa and the Middle East, said: "We are delighted to partner with Almadar Aljadid in order to better serve our business customers' communications requirements as they look to grow their operations in Libya."

According to figures from the Mobile World, Libyana is the dominant operator with 83% of the market, followed by Al-Madar. The country has a population penetration level of 134%.