Computer News - In Brief


- InfoDev and the World Bank’s Finance, Economic and Urban Development (FEU) department are working together to advance the Information and Communication Technology for development (ICT4D) agenda in the area of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and Spatial data infrastructure (SDI). Dubbed Spatial Data Infrastructure for Millennium Development Goals (SDI4MDGs), the project will provide Technical assistance to two developing countries, Jordan and Uganda, on how they can use GIS/SDI for monitoring development outcomes with specific focus on the monitoring and achievement of MDGs.

- A cooperation agreement has been signed between the Tunis Federation of Social Solidarity and Microsoft Company. Under the agreement, Microsoft will grant the federation a financial donation amounting to 85,000 dollars, so as to implement a training and guidance program for the certification of ICT skills. 40 university graduates in different scientific branches, mostly in software development, will benefit from this agreement.