Malawi firms to start advertising vacancies online

Digital Content

In Malawi, companies have for so long relied on radio and newspapers, and lately television to advertise employment opportunities to job seekers.

But in this era when the internet is fast becoming one of the most powerful communications engine across the globe, a local firm, Migro Careers has introduced Malawi’s first online career junction.

Started operations in October last year,, is an advertising company specializing in online job advertising and is open to both public and private corporation, according to director Jones Miri.

He told Nyasa Times in an interview the business was established after discovering there was no company in Malawi that is engaged on electronic job advertising through the internet.

He observed as local companies only relied on daily papers and radio the process of filling vacant posts was far too long and expensive for job seekers as applicants submit their CVs through the post in form of hard copies.

“Now job applicants will be able to apply online the same moment an advert appears on the website,” stated Miri.

He added companies will also be able to receive applications instantly and employers will be able to do short listing of CVs within a short period of time.

“The core nature of our business is linking job seekers and employers. Hence efficiency and offering best services to our clients is our main focus.

“Operations are 24 hours every week so as to give much opportunity to employers and job seekers. Even if they [employers] want to fill a vacant position within a day, this should be possible.”

Based in Balaka, the firm observes job seekers will benefit a lot through the website as job hunting on the internet is far much cheaper, easier and efficient.

He further disclosed the business targets colleges and universities as potential markets because it is where new job seekers come from, thereby assuring employers will be able to get a wide variety of candidates from which they will be able to short list.

“There are many students every year who are finishing their studies and are always looking for a job,” noted Miri.

Though the business is the first of its kind and considering the fact that IT services in the country are not 100 percent available, especially in rural areas, the firm believes through government’s plans of bringing internet to rural areas, people in the villages will also be able to look for jobs easily and efficiently.

“We’re very positive of our services because now the government is on a major campaign to improve telecommunication and IT services in rural areas.

“This will enable job seekers to hunt jobs both in towns and rural areas through their cell phones and internet cafés,” said Miri optimistically.

Admitting print media are their major competitors as many companies advertise vacancies in newspapers, Miri conversely indicated research shows the existing system is slow and favours only people who stay in towns.

Nyasa Times