Seacom, ETC to Sign High-Speed Undersea Connection Agreement


Ethiopian incumbent ETC will sign an agreement on March 18, 2010, with Seacom for the laying of high bandwidth fibre optic cable systems, which are part of its Next Generation Network (NGN) Project.

The agreement was signed after negotiations with Seacom; SEMEW 3, with cable from Southeast Asia to Europe; TEAMS, from Kenya to Dubai; and EASSy. The project will enable Ethiopia to connect its domestic networks of fibre optics (believed to have surpassed 10,000km and extended to the border with Djibouti) to an undersea cable system they have brought to cable landing point in Djibouti.

ETC, has been providing data and voice services largely connected via a very expensive and slow satellite connection, operated by Hughes International. There is also a low capacity bandwidth connection via Port Sudan. The new network, however, is expected to provide a cheaper and much faster bandwidth connection rate.

Addis Fortune