Telecoms, Rates, Offers and Coverage (briefs)

Telecoms, Rates, Offers and Coverage

- Tunisia’s national incumbent Tunisie has recently launched its new offer, "Segounda» a one-second billing system. For any call made on the local landline and GSM network, Tunisie Telecom charges 5 millimes per second, instead of a set per minute billing rate used before.

- Vodafone Ghana has launched a new advertising campaign that emphasizes the Vodafone network as the network that places quality at the forefront of its operations. It is based on three themes: "Instant Connection", "Uninterrupted Calls" and "Crystal Clear Sound".

- SMS-based mobile payment service ‘Splash’, which was deployed by Sierra Leone’s wireless operators in September 2009, has signed up 12,000 subscribers since launch, local daily Awareness Times reports. According to Splash’s director, Sheka Forna, the service is now also available nationwide.

- During 2009, MTC Namibia customers have sent 116 million Call Me Requests or in other words almost 100 Call-Me-Requests per customer over the year. The service, launched in May 2008, is a USSD* based service whereby a customer can send a

USSD message which results in a third party receiving an SMS request to call that person back. The Call-Me-Request is free to MTC customers, but is limited to 5 free Call-Me-Requests per subscriber per day. No airtime balance is required when a subscriber requests another MTC subscriber to return your call by typing *150*cell no# send.

- Algeria’s Minister of Post and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) announced that mobile telephony subscribers rate in Algeria represented 83% of the total population estimated at 34.8 million people, according to the fifth population and housing census (2008). 26 to 27 million Algerians are subscribed to one of the three mobile telephony networks existing in Algeria (Djezzy, Mobilis and Nedjma).

- Angola’s largest mobile telecommunications operator Unitel has expanded its network coverage to a further 11 municipal areas in the country, by installing new network stations in different provinces, the operator said in a statement published in Luanda. With its consolidated leadership of the Angolan mobile telecommunications market, Unitel recently reached a total of 5.5 million customers.