Broadband Penetration in Nigeria - Nwokolo Advocates Direct Import Clearance


The regulatory officer at Zain Nigeria, Osondu Nwokolo, has advocated for direct import clearance of broadband devices and equipments as the nation warms up for the broadband boom before the end of 2010.

He also solicited the inclusion of ducts and a declaration in the Nigerian Communications Act that makes it mandatory for states to protect these 'critical infrastructure' in their domains, whenever the review comes up anytime soon.

Speaking at the 2010 Broadband summit organized by e-Business Life in Lagos, Mr. Nwokolo, who dwelt on 'Policy and Regulatory Imperatives for Optimal Broadband Deployment in Nigeria' noted with dismay some of the challenges affecting telecommunications operators in the country, warning that if these challenges are not remedied, they may form a 'Berlin' wall for the much anticipated broadband boom before the end of this year.

Nwokolo said at the forum presided over by the president of Association of Telecom Companies of Nigeria (ALTON), Dr. Emmanuel Ekuwem that frequent fibre outages due to cuts caused by road construction and vandalization, has become top in obstruction of telecom services of late.In addition, he said that delays or denial of right of way (RoW) for fibre deployment is another hiccup as well as multiplicity of regulatory authorities in the three tiers of government, namely federal, state and local governments.

This, he said, has resulted in a confused operational environment, which is inimical to investment, highlighting the fact that some restiveness in communities due to lack of employment, has made roll-out a hazardous attempt in some parts of the country.

He underscored lack of ascertainable taxation regime, including import duties, inadequate power, and import clearance delays to name a few.

Daily Champion