Internet News - In Brief


- Madagascar has been connected to EASSy). Fixed line incumbent Telecom Malagasy (Telma) has announced that it has already put in place a national backbone that will allow it to connect its subscribers to the cable, and it is expected that the arrival of the link will allow for the development of outsourcing activities, such as call centres.

- People, who want to set up websites with the ".rw" domain, will no longer have to go through Belgium, where the domain name is currently hosted and managed. The national regulatory agency, Rwanda Utility Regulatory Agency (RURA) in partnership with Rwanda Information Communication Technology Association (RICTA) is set to repatriate the web domain and manage it in Rwanda.

- South Africa state-owned telecommunications infrastructure provider Broadband Infraco will launch services commercially in the third quarter - a move that should increase competition in a telecommunications infrastructure wholesale market previously dominated by Telkom.

- In Nigeria, a Sharia Court sitting in Kaduna has ordered the immediate suspension of all debates on the amputation of Bello Buba Jangebe on online sites - Facebook and Twitter. The judge had a few weeks ago issued a restraining order in favour of the applicants to prevent the NGO, the Civil Rights Congress (CRC) (defendants), from discussing Jangebe's case in a forum opened by the group on Facebook and Twitter.

- Google has released a sign-up guide for Google AdWords to help online advertisers in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) express their brand values through the online marketing space. The guide is designed for individual and corporate advertisers who are unfamiliar with Google AdWords, with step-by-step directions in addition to Mena advertisers' success stories.

- Got Issuez is a Kenyan start-up founded by local entrepreneurs which encourages quality services and products through the simple idea of fostering consumer feedback. Complete with integration from various social marketing platforms Got Issuez targets consumers who are tired of mediocre services in East Africa.

- eNowNow traffic is a Nigerian web, mobile service which helps commuters to find traffic information on specific locations. The way it works is that you subscribe to their service either through e-mail, mobile number or SMS. Once that is done they will send you relevant traffic information.