Internet News - In Brief


- MainOne Cable Company announced at the weekend that it has started the main route survey operations of its submarine cable project. Over the next two months, while en route, the vessel will survey the proposed route for the cable with multi beam scan and profiling tests of the seabed to ensure the optimal placement of the cable. The main route survey operation follows the completion of the 27 kilometres in-shore survey operation, near Portugal.

- Powertel Communications, a subsidiary of the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority, has upgraded its optic fibre cable service from the Synchronous Transport Module Four (STM4) to the higher graded STM 16 (STM16).

- Online South Africans have been urged to electronically sign an Internet petition calling for a more open telecoms market, to be handed to the incoming administration.

The petition calls for broadband to be recognised as an essential right, in line with other basic infrastructure such as water, sewerage and electricity. It can be signed at <> , the site of the South African National Broadband Forum

- The India funded project to link up African Union countries with Indian hospitals and universities through satellite will be expanded to Nigeria by June this year following a successful pilot project in Ethiopia.

- O3b Networks Limited (O3b) the developer of a new fibre quality, satellite-based, global Internet backbone infrastructure announced today that they are opening their first regional headquarters in Dubai, UAE. The office will be located in Dubai’s Internet City. This office will serve as regional headquarters for the Middle East and African continent and will provide sales, technical support, an executive briefing center, and training facilities for the region.

- Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has said that internet scams that would have left victims with losses running into N5billion have been thwarted during covert operations targeting cyber crimes activities in various parts of the country. In a particular instance, the anti-graft agency said that the covert operation codenamed, “Operation Cyber Storm” and carried out in collaboration with other international law enforcement authorities enabled EFCC to intercept scam cheques valued at N5billion.

- Government will soon introduce Internet services in rural areas through a number of Zimpost outlets dotted around the country. Information Communication Technology Minister Nelson Chamisa said that "Internet cafes will be put up at every Zimpost depot in rural areas”.

- Despite spending R3 million to upgrade the Web site's capacity and ensure it can handle any surges in usage, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) site has hit a speed bump. Following voting and the beginning of the counting and results processes late last night, many South Africans found themselves unable to rely on the IEC Web site for updates.