In Brief:


- Luxembourg-based SES Astra, a satellite technology provider, will spend about R2bn to expand its satellite capacity in a move that will result in improved access to broadband, high-speed internet service and more TV channels in Africa. The new satellite, Astra 4B, will be launched in the second half of next year.

- Satellite network provider Intelsat is on track to launch its $250m Intelsat New Dawn satellite, which is targeted at the African market, by the end of the year.

Intelsat New Dawn is intended to provide telecommunications and television channels, and to extend broadband access and services to rural areas in most of Africa for at least 15 years.

- DotConnectAfrica registered a maximum success in East Africa as the voice was echoed globally. Responding to the Media Global news, “There are many complex factors that determine the success of a TLD,” said Karla Valente, director of communications and project services with ICANN. “Speaking from a conceptual standpoint and taking into account my previous experience with TLDs, I would say .africa could be a great tool to promote the region, celebrate its cultural diversity, address the needs countries have in common, and possibly even give a united identity in instances where that makes sense, says Karla. News coverage on the ".africa" project is avail at

- To address the customer demand for new capacity in Africa, Intelsat acquired the ProtoStar 1 satellite, which was renamed Intelsat 25 (IS-25), late last year and repositioned it to 328.5° E. IS-25 commenced service last week and offers C- and Ku-band coverage of a substantial portion of Africa.