Building Bridges launches Peace initiative website in Kenya

Digital Content

Building Bridges aims to encourage and reward Kenyans to reach out to others to overcome conflict. It is aimed at those who want to find solutions to existing problems and deal with the sources of conflict. If that is you or your organisation then you can upload your peace initiative here on this website. By doing that you are in the competition to win an award and you will have a way to spread the word about your initiative and perhaps get help from others to grow the impact of what you are doing.

By registering and mapping your peace initiative here, you stand a chance to win a cash price between Kshs 50,000/= and Kshs 150,000/= and a publication in the press.

Through the Building Bridges platform you can also get information and contacts of organisations to further develop your activities.

If you don't have (good) internet access you can contact the Team by SMS to 5447 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it they can assist you to join the competition.

Building Bridges wants to stimulate those initiatives which contribute to preventing or overcoming conflict within or between communities e.g. villages, neighborhoods, faith groups, families, businesses. Those conflicts could be related to land issues, ethnicity, and corruption amongst others issues. Building Bridges aims to motivate individuals to take action and register their initiative, activities or organization. The Building Bridges platform aims to foster collaboration and interactivity on peace initiatives across Kenya, to support those doing great work and to create a sustainable culture of peace throughout the country.

For further information visit