Telecoms News - In Brief


- In Ghana, the NCA, together with the Ministry of Communications are in discussions with the Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology to review the decision to ban the development and siting of cell masts to improve capacity to correct call congestions, call drops and call completion. An inter-Ministerial Technical Committee is also in the process of coming out with guidelines to manage the deployment of base stations and associated towers in the country.

- Telkom South Africa has offered its management staff voluntary severance and early retirement packages. Staff can apply for severance and early retirement packages from the 28th of April to the 2nd of July. The move is aimed at enabling Telkom to achieve its business objectives by cutting management levels and improving the competitiveness of the company's management force while positively impacting its cost base.

- A three-day consultative conference on the transposition of ECOWAS Supplementary Acts into the telecom law of Liberia brought together an array of national and international stakeholders in the telecommunications and ICT sector coupled with members of House Standing Committees on Telecommunications in the National Legislature, service providers and representatives of Civil Society Organizations was intended to broaden the consultative process on the six ECOWAS supplementary Acts and to solicit inputs from partners.

- South Africa’s broadcasting and telecoms regulator is racing against time to issue mobile TV licences in time for the Soccer World Cup tournament starting on June 11.
The government has made commitments that there would be mobile-TV service during the tournament.

- Although Nigerians are not known for the Al Qaeda-style of protest, workers at the Nitel have threatened to make Nigeria ungovernable by resorting to suicide bombing if they are not paid their salaries.