The Kenya Government Pioneers An Eletronic Voter Registration System

In preparations for the next elections Kenya has made changes to their voting systems, changing it from a paper based model to an electronic version. As of the 12th of April 2010 to the 21st may 2010, Kenya’s Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC) will register voters electronically for the first time ever in 18 selected constituencies. The pilot will cover the 18 constituencies of Kamkunji, Langata, Mvita, Malindi, Dujis, Wajira East, Isiolo South, Imenti Central, Mbooni, Nyeri Town, Kikuyu, Eldoret North, Nakuru Town, Ainamoi, Ikolomani, Webuye, Kisumu Town West and Bonchari. The Electronic Voter Registration (EVR) process will also cover over 1,400 registration centers and approximately 1.8 million voters details will be captured. EVR uses biometrics for both face recognition and fingerprint using a special camera and a thumb print reader. Therefore, EVR is able to accurately identify registered voters which will be key in eliminating cases of voter fraud during elections.