Vox Telecom has launched the first phase of their residential voice offering, Vox Home, competing directly with Telkom’s fixed line voice services.  The Vox solution is essentially a high-quality, low-barrier-to-entry VOIP solution available to all ADSL subscribers in South Africa.

Vox Telecom’s new direct selling consumer initiative is aimed at “giving South African consumers the opportunity to take control of their telecommunication costs” said Douglas Reed, CEO of the Group.

“Through the Vox Community we would like to encourage our staff and customers to be stakeholders in the lucrative emerging Telco Sector. We are striving to be a viable alternative, but rather than competing on price, we aim to give a portion of telecommunication costs back to local communities.”

The new offering does, however, promise significant savings over Telkom’s voice rates. Vox Telecom’s Jaco Voigt told MyBroadband that subscribers can expect a minimum saving of around 20 % on all calls.

Vox Telecom has opted for a consumer network approach to the launch their offering, harnessing the power of referral selling to capture market share.  “This isn’t a new approach to selling telco services. Internationally we have seen companies like Sprint and MCI use this approach very effectively to grow their subscriber base successfully in a relatively short time” added Voigt.

“South Africans are very entrepreneurial by nature and Vox offers them the opportunity to not only dramatically cut their telco costs, but also generate residual income by referring these telco service to friends, collogues and family.”  Voigt points out that the Vox Home solution is only one product in a range of innovative, consumer-focused offerings to be launched in the next 6 to 12 months.

“We are putting together a range of telco services aimed at satisfying real consumer needs, such as uncontracted telco services at contract pricing.”

(SOURCE: MyBroadband)