Neotel expands it fibre network across South Africa


Neotel has quietly ramped up the deployment of optical fibre routes in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. Neotel is quietly going about their business of expanding their network and signing up clients.  “A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes at Neotel since its entry into the market with wholesale international services last August,” the second national operator said.

Neotel currently carries international voice services for the mobile operators, and provides global Internet transit for major ISPs from its international POP in Johannesburg. The company has grown to around 170 people, with offices in Cape Town and Durban in addition to its Head Office and National Operations Centre in Johannesburg.

“In acquiring Transtel Telecoms from Transnet, our reach is growing substantially, and we will have a presence at more than 100 places across the country, in addition to international VSAT capability,” Neotel said. The company’s initial focus will however remain on the major metros.

With their 10,000 km national network up and running, Neotel has launched its flexible leased line service to select customers. Amongst these initial customers will be SITA, which recently awarded the contract for its national backbone to Neotel, citing value for money and bandwidth scalability as key to their decision. Neotel said that they have also received high bandwidth leased line orders from several other large customers.

“Delivered using Neotel's Next Generation SDH platform, Neotel's leased line service offers the flexibility of various SDH or Ethernet interfaces, and scalability from 2 to 155 Mbps, within or between major metros in South Africa,” the company said.

Neotel said that that their interfaces allow customers to select the bandwidth that best suits their requirements, rather than having to pay for the next largest bandwidth option. “It represents the first true network diversity available to operators and large enterprises in South Africa.”

Neotel has been silently expanding their optical fibre routes in the four major metros namely Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. The new deployment augments the 1300 km of fibre routes purchased from Transnet last year, and allows the second national operator to reach deeper into the key business districts of those cities.

“In lighting up these fibres, Neotel is creating the high bandwidth Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) that are needed to deliver basic transmission services and the broader set of next generation services for enterprises,” Neotel said. Siemens (with Juniper), Cisco, Huawei, Spescom (with ECI), Tellumat, and Dimension Data have all announced major supply contracts with Neotel.

“Neotel's enterprise services will address the voice, data and Internet connectivity needs of enterprises, through a single, converged network that is already interconnected nationally to all the operators in South Africa, and globally via VSNL International to more than 400 operators,” the operator said.

In the Internet space, Neotel will peer with the major ISPs in South Africa, whilst delivering international traffic from VSNL International's Tier 1 network.  “With the latest generation of optical transmission and IP technology across both the national backbone and metropolitan networks, and with access to capacity globally, Neotel is well positioned to address the bandwidth limitations in the South African market. We are pursuing various options to address the need for affordable international bandwidth, both through SAT-3/SAFE and new submarine fibre systems,” Neotel concluded.

(Source: MyBroadband )