Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Results

Issue 361: Power to the base stations – a modest proposition

The data on unspent universal service access fees came from the GSM Association, not the World Bank. We should perhaps also have mentioned the new, lower energy, lower cost Femtocells and added that MIT is working on sending electrical power by wireless!

Issue 361: Kinz Telecom’s bid for Westel implodes – Where was Etisalat?

Sources close to Kinz Telecom say that it actually bid US$95.15 million against Celtel’s bid of US$80 million. According to those close to Kinz, after the Government had declared it the winner, it then turned round and asked for US$250 million.

Issue 359: One laptop per child starting pilots in South Africa and Nigeria

It would cost US$43.75 million to provide all schoolchildren in South Africa with One Laptop Per Child machines, not the US$4,375,000 stated in the article.