The Post, Telecommunications & Information Technology Company  and Alcatel-Lucent – Libya

French equipment supplier Alcatel-Lucent has been selected by the Libyan Post Telecommunications & Information Technology Company to supply a nationwide fibre-optic backbone network, in a deal estimated to be worth EUR90 million (USD123.7 million). Under the deal, Alcatel-Lucent will roll out a 4,400km fibre-optic network linking all major cities and towns, to serve as the backbone network for Libya's telecoms infrastructure.

Uganda Telecom and huawei – Uganda

Uganda Telecom says that it has signed a US$50 million agreement with Huawei to expand its existing GSM network. The agreement stipulates that Huawei will provide and install an additional 200 Base Transmission Stations (BTS) to supplement the existing 220. This is the first phase in a planned US$85 million expansion plan that will see the network expanded to cover 70% of Uganda's population. The rollout will include a network upgrade that will see an expansion on the existing Intelligent Network and MSC switches. The rollout plan is scheduled to be concluded by end of November 2007.