In Brief:

Telecoms, Rates, Offers and Coverage
- Free telephone calls will now be possible after Econet Wireless launched its revolutionary "free phone" service in Zimbabwe. Econet’s corporate communications manager Ranga Mberi said people in economically disadvantaged communities will now be able to use phones placed in strategic locations to contact their relatives, asking them to call them back. - Comium, one of Liberia’s GSM providers, has introduced a new calling tariff to the United States, China, and India. Customers will have to pay five cent per minute far less than what was being paid. - Vodafone Ghana customers on roaming service who were stranded in various parts of the world due to the Icelandic volcano have been credited with token sums of top-ups. This gesture from Vodafone is to compensate its roaming clients for the period which saw most of them overrunning their roaming quotas.