2010 Rally Will Be Aired On Web TV

Digital Content
In a communiqué recently released, it was announced that the 29th edition of Tunisia's Rally, the 1st round of the NPO Desert Trophy, which is due to be held from May 1 to 7, 2010,will be the first event broadcast on Web TV. The event, which is the largest African rally, will be 100% Tunisian with races entirely held on Tunisian territory. Web TV will provide a summary of the day's stage, subjects on participants, the organization, country postcards, and archives on previous editions. Web TV will cover the event thanks to the presence of an editor, three reporters, three cameramen, a soundman and two editors in charge of the race and the backstage Rally. To maximize the resonance of the event on the Internet, links and daily summaries of the event will be available on several social utility sites as well as the blogs of partners and competitors. "Through WebTV of NPO Desert Trophy, we will distribute our own pictures of Tunisia's Rally and will be able to mediate all participants, from first to last. This is a first in the Rally-Raids, and this brings added value to our events. All NPO competitors will currently enhance their media coverage on this new WebTV with their sponsors", said Emmanuelle Clear Dumont Director of NPO operations activities.