Computer News - In Brief


- Mombasa port stakeholders are pushing for the speedy implementation of Port Community Based System (PCBS), a single window electronic document processing programme which could slash cargo staying time by half. Currently, cargo stays an average of six days at the port.

- In Nigeria, Kano State Governor Malam Ibrahim Shekarau has attributed the delay in the payment of workers monthly salaries and wages to the introduction of the e-payment system by the Federal Government. He said the state would however strategise to minimise the problems created by the system. "The obstacle arising from the exercise shall be closely monitored to reduce the inherent hardship attendant to the process of streamlining inter-bank transfers for workers to access their salaries with ease", he assured.

- Cisco Systems has embarked on a "take back and recycle" program, to ensure that consumers in Africa do not use phased-out equipment. The program takes used Cisco gear as well phased-out products that may still be sitting on resellers' shelves. Cisco has already indicated that it is phasing out the Linksys brand, which is common in Africa.

- Work on building Mozambique’s first Science and Technology Park has begun with the opening of foundations and installation of equipment at the site in Maluana, the Maputo-based daily Noticias reports.

- Sam Todo is a young Togolese who recently created a small robot, made entirely from old television parts. The robot called Sam10, cost almost nothing to make, and was aimed at, “inspiring Africans to enter into sciences.” For now, the robot only walks in straight lines, but Todo is working on future versions that automatically greets people and naturally avoids objects in its path.