Wana set to give Maroc Telecom a run for its money


Wana is a new Moroccan fixed-line and mobile telephone operator whose ambition is to instil a new dynamic into the local telecoms market. This 450-strong company, a subsidiary of the kingdom's largest private group, is "determined to do all it can to democratise access to telecommunications for all Moroccans through its Bayn brand," as Sophia Lahlou, its Marketing Manager, explained.

Two months after launching this prepaid home mobile telephony offer using CDMA (code division multiple access) technology, WANA has already positioned itself as a serious challenger to the already established players, like Maroc Telecom and Meditel.  With 100,000 subscribers already signed up in the first three days, it is the third most successful launch in the history of the telecoms industry according to experts.

This commercial offer was packaged so as to democratise not only access to telecommunications but also their use. "Wana designed Bayn so that the customers could phone from home or while moving around daily outside their home. With Bayn, it's the phone shop in your pocket and at home, with all its advantages but without the disadvantages", explained Sophia Lahlou.

With just 1 dirham (Û0.09), the customer can recharge, put a ceiling on his or her calls and communicate, at the same time having a permanent view of all his or her expenses and credit.  The services contained in this offer enables the customer to enjoy the advantages of phone shops, the most frequently used means of phoning in Morocco due to the low cost, without having to go to them.

Wana has chosen CDMA technology because "it is the only mature technology that allows for the implementation of fixed-line telephony" according to the Marketing Manager. CDMA is an alternative technology to European GSM and is used in the United States, Japan, India, China and the Middle East. Furthermore, CDMA2000 (1) is the leading international third-generation technology: more than 240 operators have adopted it and it has more than 325 million users worldwide.

Since its launch at the end of March 2007, more than 40,000 Moroccans have opted for Wana's Bayn offer. "The commercial objectives have been revised upwards following Bayn's excellent performances. Indeed, the sales have reached record figures, strongly affecting the development of fixed-line telephony in Morocco, with +27.24% growth at the end of March 2007", specified Sophia Lahlou.

(Source: Albawaba)