Namibia and Botswana to interconnect to SAT3 via Angola


The acting prime minister, Jo‹o Baptista Kussumua discussed in Luanda, with the Namibian first vice minister, Libertina Amathila, about the general principles of the cooperation that Angola will establish with Namibia and Botswana in the field of telecommunications.

Speaking to the press at the end of an audience with Baptista Kussumua, the Namibian official mainly expressed satisfaction with this further partnership that the three countries will establish, in the sector of regional cooperation, which will enable its interconnection through the SAT3 optical fibre cable.

It is an incomparable opportunity being granted for international access through SAT3, which will allow these countries to interconnect themselves to the rest of the world through the optical fibre cable that Angola already has, said Libertina Amathila.

With regards to this aspect, she said that her country will use the cable, which expands to the Angolan province of Namibe and connect it to the Namibian region of Swakopmund. A tripartite memorandum of understanding of cooperation, on debate since Monday, here, might be signed this Tuesday and the final agreement within the next two months, in Botswana.

(Source: Angola Press Agency)