New Wireless Internet Service gives wings to Tanzania


In three months Tanzania will be braced with one of the world's fastest, cheapest and most reliable communication technologies.

This comes after the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) granted an International and National Application Services license to a newly registered firm (wireless phone and internet Service Company) known as WBS (iBurst) Tanzania.

Granting the license to the new operators, Prof. John Nkoma, the Director General the TCRA said TCRA was determined to ensure that Tanzanians have a wider choice of mobile phone and internet services.

He said TCRA would ensure that operators provided quality services at affordable charges for the phone calls and internet services provided.

He commended WBS for introducing the high capacity multiple access communication technology to Tanzania.

Prof. Nkoma said every operator was required to comply with regulatory requirements provided under the regulations and rules issued under Acts and other laws in Tanzania.

He said the authority would always ensure that all operators operated under a level playing field and benefited from the good investment policy set by the government.

Receiving the license, WBS Tanzania Ltd managing director, Mr. Christian Pieters said his company would cooperate with other operators in the sector.

He assured Tanzanians of cheapest and most efficient communication services in form of voice and data, saying his firm was bringing in the latest, high capacity technology in the communications sector.

Ibusrt employs 4th Generation technology known as G4, the most current and of highest capacity.

Tanzanians will now be able to view various events like world cup broadcast on TVs on their cell-phones and laptops.

He said under the powerful wireless broadband (iBurst) with the Audio Streaming facility; clients will clearly listen to their favourite radio stations on the mobile phones, computers, laptops, view TV programmes through screens installed in cars even if cruising at the high speed.

Using the cheapest broadband, a client with a 1000MB can make downloads of up to 290MP3's, 200 video clips, 4.5 hours of video conferencing, 20,000 word documents @ 59KB per document and 300iCall Minutes (using the standard G729 Codes) among other packages.

(Source: East African Business Week)