- As of June 30th, Morocco counts 444,633 broadband connections, an increase of 10% over the last three months. The number of dial up connection carries on its decline to 4,348 subscribers as per the quarterly report published by the ANRT, the Moroccan regulator.

- According to Information and Communications Technology minister, Dr. Ham Mulira, Uganda’s 79 districts will be online by 2010. The development of the National Data Transmission Backbone Infrastructure will be financed by the China government through a loan from the Exim Bank of China. "It will be implemented in three phases. Phase one to cost $30m has already been approved by Parliament," said the ICT minister, Dr. Ham Mulira.

- Algeria’s Internet service provider Djaweb launched a new broadband service "Anis ADSL", a "platform of 129,000 Internet access at a high bandwidth at affordable competitive prices. This broadband solution covering the country's 48 provinces offers three packs: 128, 256 and 512 KB per second for an unlimited connection.

- In South Africa, the old Vodacom/Vodafone 3G data cards have found their way back into the local market through Internet Solutions who have launched a R 99-00 per month 3G service. The price of R 99-00 for 250 MB of data is significantly less than any mobile provider, and IS said that it uses its own bandwidth to serve these 3G clients.