- Companies looking to dispose of old PCs in an environmentally friendly but secure way can make use of a new charity backed by Microsoft which sends refurbished computers to the developing world. Digital Pipeline, launched in the UK, began life in 2004 and developed out of Microsoft's ICT-in-schools project, African Pathfinder. The organisation acts as an umbrella organization, bringing together charities that specialize in sending refurbished machines to Africa, such as the U.K.'s Computer Aid, with businesses that are looking to dispose of their old PCs. Digital Pipeline also helps to connect potential recipients of donated PCs with donor organizations.

- According to ITMag, an Algerian ICT magazine, imports of new computers will reach 200,000 units in 2007. Algeria has an estimated penetration rate of around 12%.

- Indian software house Satyam aims to increase its revenues in South Africa by more than 75% in the coming year, with a goal of becoming one of the top five suppliers of information technology services. With an earning of about $4m a year, this would boost revenue to $11m.