Nitel Acquires More Bandwidth From Sat-3


The financially troubled Nitel has paid up its bill with SAT3 managing agent Telkom SA and for the first time in several months is ordering additional capacity.

Sources from Nitel headquarters in Abuja last week said the company paid about N63 million (US$505,000) for an STM-1. If true, this works out at what seems the rather high price of US$3247 per meg duplex, particularly as this is a wholesale price.

A senior manager in the technical unit of Nitel said the company exhausted the first STM-1 it acquired in 2002, due to rising demand for bandwidth. Nitel paid about N6.3billion in 2002 to co-own the SAT-3 under sea optic cable, which gives it access to bandwidth after paying a fixed amount to Cable and Wireless.

(Source: This Day)