- The International Free and Open Source Software Foundation iFOSSF, MI, USA

( is looking for innovative and/or outstanding projects and programmes from the community that use ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) to intervene in social and economic problems in worthwhile and innovative ways.

-AMD has announced the establishment of its local office, which is located in the JSE building at the Exchange Square in Sandton.

- In Uganda Orient Bank customers will now be able to access banking services 24-hours following the launch of SMS and e-banking facilities.

- While South Africa has not yet legislated for the “greening” of computers, the presence of environmentally-responsible computers in the local market, coupled with many organisations' desire to reduce their environmental impact has created somewhat of a following for 'green PCs'. HP and Tarsus have announced that the local availability of the dc5750 or 'green PC' as an option for corporate customers.

- As part of a new “Knowledge Communities” project, UNESCO Office in Bangkok has launched an online ICT-in-Education community: an interactive forum which welcomes educators, teachers, administrators, policy makers and others to share their ideas and opinions on topics relating to the use of ICT in education.

- Algeria’s National Solidarity Minister Djamel Ould Abbes signed a contract with the National Computer System Company (ENSI) with a view to put computer systems in general use throughout all the specialised centres (258 centres in charge of children) coming under the authority of national solidarity sector.