South Africa 'Strongest Affinity Brands' Online

Digital Content

Nielsen//NetRatings and the South African Online Publishers Association (OPA) today, Tuesday, 7 August 2007, released various online trend figures for South Africa which show clearly the difference between what men and woman are looking at online and should be a clear indication to marketers on how to target these ever growing and profitable segments of the market.

Most male-dominant brands online concern sports, motoring and business/finance, while the most female-dominated brands come from a much wider range of sectors, according to the findings.

"The list of most female-dominated brands differs from the male list in two key areas. Firstly, the female list comes from a much wider range of sectors - from food and health to property, recruitment, business, parenting and the weather. We've seen a similar pattern to this in the UK and highlights how women, perhaps, have a greater grasp of how the Internet can help with more facets of their daily lives," comments Burmaster.

"Secondly, the degree of dominance within each list is markedly different. For example, men make up 69% of the audience to the 10th most-male dominated brand, whereas, the most female-dominated brand 'only' has a 64% female audience. In other words, the most female-dominated brands still have a fairly large percentage of male audience - for example 46% of the audience to parenting site Babynet is male."

(Source: Biz-Community)