Arusha Launches Own Local Internet Exchange Point in Tanzania


Arusha has just become the first non-capital urban center in East and Central Africa to have its own Internet Exchange Point, a physical infrastructure that allows different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to connect to each other and exchange local traffic between their networks by means of mutual peering agreements.

With this new IXP, the local web surfers will be able to by-pass international and interconnect directly, via exchange other than through one or more third party traffic controllers, that are usually the networks based in the western countries. Rowberg added that, by connecting to each other directly locally, Arusha ISP will enjoy faster loading time, cheaper prices and of course better security for their customers.

The Arusha Internet Exchange Point (AIXP) connects directly to its National counterpart, the Dar-es-salaam based Tanzania Internet Exchange Point (TIXP), which was the first local Internet Traffic center to be established in the country.

Arusha thus becomes the second, but very soon similar Internet Points will be introduced in, Mwanza City, then Dodoma Municipality.

The Arusha Internet Exchange Point, will now be a local platform connecting the Northern Zone's Internet Service Providers such as Benson Online (BOL), a subsidiary of Bensons informatics, Milan Cable TV and Internet Service, Cyber-net broadband, Nexus-Digital and Arusha Node Marie (Habari) which is powered by the local digital communications powerhouse, Afam-Limited

(Source: Arusha Times)