Phone Software to Save Users Who Lose Handsets in Uganda

Digital Content

SimpleSoft, a local software solutions company has introduced an electronic service that enables mobile phone users to keep a copy of information stored in their phones on a remote server. Using a mobile phone's Data Synchronisation (DS) feature, a user can exchange information over the Internet between their mobile phones and SimpleSoft Servers. This way, users are able to back up vital information, such as phone contacts and calendar events, stored on their mobile phone handsets and other digital devices.

The only requirement is that the phone be connected to the Internet - a service already being offered by mobile service providers like MTN, Celtel and UTL. To use the service, one must register an account with the SimpleSync website ( which then enables them to add information to the SimpleSoft database. Any changes made to data on a handset or PDA will then be reflected in the database, and vice versa. The service costs Shs45,000 for six months.

(Source: The Monitor)