Lebanese-owned Spectrum invests in Gamtel and puts in Detecon to manage


Gambia’s Department of State for Communications and Information Technology has approved an investment in the country’s incumbent Gamtel and its mobile subsidiary Gamcel.

Little is known about the Lebanese-owned Spectrum that is described as “a Company with investments in many industries throughout the region”. Spectrum and the Government have jointly appointed Detecon International, the consultancy arm of the German incumbent Deutsche Telecom, to run the company.

According to the Government press release:”The government of The Gambia has approved a strategic partnership for Gamtel/Gamcel, in a bid to salvage the one time leading institution in the Gambia. It would be recalled that Gamtel over the last years had deteriorated in service provision, accessibility and quality of service. It is also experiencing stagnation in network expansion and subscriber base”.

“Furthermore, Gamtel was near bankruptcy and is heavily indebted. The Government of The Gambia consequently has been reviewing various proposals for strategic partnership to give Gamtel the needed boost to enter into new business models, new technology with a view to providing high quality and affordable telecommunications services”.