Namibia plans to link up to SAT3


Namibia is considering broadband connectivity through Angola to cut the high cost of telecommunications.

Cabinet this week announced that Government would enter into discussions with Botswana and Angola to secure a submarine cable landing point for Namibia to SAT-3 in the Angolan capital Luanda.

Namibia, Botswana and Angola have had four rounds of discussions on the issue since July last year.

Both Namibia and Botswana said the cost of telecommunications was too high and started considering an alternative international broadband connectivity route to the SAT-3.

"The transit costs to route telecommunication calls through Cape Town to the SAT-3 have become unsustainable," acting Permanent Secretary of Information, Wilma Deetlefs, said in a statement yesterday.

At the meeting in Luanda last month, the three countries considered an Angolan proposal that will use the Angolan Domestic Cable Network (ADONES) as the basis for SAT-3 connectivity at Luanda with an extension of the ADONES from Namibe in Angola to Swakopmund.

The Namibian delegation, led by Deputy Prime Minister Libertina Amathila, stated that the creation of an enabling framework will clarify the Namibian objectives and set the scene for further technical research on the Angolan proposal, as well as other options.

"Namibia wants cost-effective and reliable broadband access to global ICT networks based on competitive rates, as well as reliable and predictable access," the Cabinet statement said.

The three countries have already signed a memorandum of understanding that sets out the broad principles of co-operation.

It includes terms of reference for multilateral co-operation that forms the basis for further negotiations.

At its last meeting, Cabinet noted the progress report regarding co-operation on regional broadband connectivity and endorsed the memorandum signed by the three countries.

(Source: The Namibian)