Website for Job Seekers Launched in Ghana

Digital Content

A state of the art online career website that will offer millions of jobseekers around the world an equal opportunity to search for jobs in Ghana, has been launched in Accra.

Thewebsite,"www.", is an online recruiting tool that is in the system of charge to jobseekers, especially the youth, to have access to, but employers will have to pay a fee to advertise vacancies or search for candidates.

Mr. Richard Baffoe, CEO and brain behind said there are many challenges that employers and job seekers experience such as the decision to outsource staff and find the qualified candidates for a position. was therefore to help save people the burden of going around looking for jobs and especially, save HR Managers the hassle of opening envelopes and shifting through applications letters.

This, he believed, will make HR management practices in Ghana more efficient and cost-effective and elevate it to International HR standards.

He also took the opportunity to advise job seekers to visit the website, click on a job category or on the jobs link at the top of any webpage to view all the listed job vacancies. He/She could then submit his/her CV directly to the employer, if the posting had an "apply online" indicator.

The Hon. Minister of Communications, Dr. Benjamin Aggrey Ntim, said ICT holds immense promise, as its development is rapidly changing and opening avenues of relationships between citizens, the government and those in the civic life. He was therefore happy that another innovative online website had been introduced to complement Government's efforts of recruitment and employment through digital processes.

The Deputy National Co-ordinator of the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP), Mr. Ernest Adade, believed the website would increase the 104 jobs already created for the youth and help cut down the already 6,000 graduate-unemployment which had been cut down, thanks to the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP).

He therefore advised the youth on the streets to visit the website and search for jobs in order to have a more decent means of livelihood.

(Source: Ghanaian Chronicle)