Botswana’s BTC inks 3 year deal with BT South Africa for more SAT3 capacity


Botswana incumbent BTC has signed a three year deal with BT South Africa to increase its SAT3 capacity.

In 2004 BTC and BT established a relationship whereby BT negotiated a connection across South Africa to the SAT3 landing station at Melkbossstrand. In signing the new deal BTC has upgraded its total capacity to 155 mbps. Through this deal, BTC is able to break Botswana’s landlocked status and extends its network through a Point-of-Presence in London.

During the signing of the agreement, BTC CEO Vincent Seretse said:”…this connectivity is going to allow us to reduce the costs of our broadband product, ADSL.” However, the 155 mbps capacity will be used for both voice and data. BT will telehouse and maintain BTC’s routers in London.