SA’s Home Affairs tackles backlog with online “track and trace” system


One of the major problems of the Home Affairs Department will be tackled by what the government is calling the "Citizen Relations Portal" which will allow South Africans to make enquiries on line about the progress of service deliveries affecting them.

It will enable citizens to apply for ID books or passports online and will allow them to tap into the "Track and Trace" system which lets officials know the progress of applications.

The portal will be streets ahead of the present government gateway screens available in community centres, which give static information on government programmes. "This will be a first," Public Service and Administration Minister Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi said on Tuesday. The Track and Trace system was also praised by Fraser-Moleketi as "one of the most successful projects" in the turn-around programme for her department.

Plans are that the citizen relations portal will include the services of Home Affairs, but also of the Social Development Department, so that enquiries about and applications for social grants may be made online.