South African company launches Facebook for business people

Digital Content

What Facebook is to individuals, the Biznetwork Web site is aiming to become for entrepreneurs - a Web of like-minded profiles interacting online, with one goal in common: working for themselves and succeeding in business.

“Our interaction with the small business market over the past 16 months, since the launch of Biznetwork, has provided us with an unsurpassed understanding of what SME owners in SA are lacking,” comments Marcel Klaassen, COO of the FNB Biznetwork initiative.

Klaassen reports that Biznetwork’s client base is predominantly represented by sole proprietors, owner-managed businesses and fast-moving young entrepreneurs, most of whom are faced with key decisions that they would more than likely have to make on their own. “Unfortunately, with often no direct access to affordable professional advice, or a broader team capable of providing an informed decision, they are often left in the dark as to how to take their business forward and/or get it off the ground,” he says.

“In the light of this, we decided to upgrade our virtual platform to allow for more practical, interactive and instantaneous support, readily available to the man on the street, practically anywhere in the world, 24/7.”

Klaassen says: “We have added more than 200 downloadable tools and templates for everyday use in the business environment, as well as gratis video downloads of key business speakers, top CEOs and industry experts.”

The site,, offers full members Internet and business e-mail access, a business Web site and personalised URL – all free of charge.