Tanzania: Zantel Records Growth despite economic downturn


Zantel has experienced potential growth in the past 12 months despite the economic downturn. This growth is attributed to an aggressive expansion programme embarked 18 months ago which saw the mobile company investing in network expansion and increased national coverage.

Zantel enjoys one of the largest coverage footprints in Tanzania. The past 18 months has seen more than USD 140m invested to improve quality and coverage of the network. Its main investor Etisala has increased its investment in Zantel over the past 18 months.

This has provided the fuel for the growth for Zantel. It is now enjoying economies of scale as a result of improved access to affordable and modern technology Etisalat's over 95 milion subscriber base in both Africa, Middle East and Asia.

According to Norman Moyo, new Chief Commercial Officer, Etisalat group has confidence in the Tanzanian economy. The increased investment has translated into improved quality of services for Zantel customers which has seen its subscriber base rocketing from 900 thousand to 1.4 million in the past 3 months.

In an exclusive interview with the new Chief Commercial Officer, Norman Moyo, he pointed out t that Zantel's will be focusing on improving customer value, new innovative products and services into the market.

He highlighted that there is a still a lot of Tanzanians who still need mobile and internet services and that focus should move to address underserved communities instead of fighting over a small shrinking market.

Norman Moyo is part of the new leadership introduced to spearhead the turnaround of Zantel. The 36 year old Chief Commercial Officer comes with a wealth of experience managing major telecommunications turnarounds.

He was part of the team that transformed the telecommunications landscape in Zambia as Marketing Director for Celtel Zambia and Chief Marketing Officer of Celtel Nigeria which saw Celtel Nigeria growing to a strong number 2 market leader growing customers from 4.5 million to 17 million customers in 30 months. He started his telecommunication with Econet Zimbabwe in 1998 and before joining Zantel he was working as Group Marketing Director for Zain group in Bahrain.