Sky Vision launches new low cost “day-only” service aimed at telcos


Whenever telcos plan their IP capacity requirements, they encounter a common problem: their customers' daytime usage is invariably far greater than their night-time capacity use. Based on this, many have to take capacity that accounts for this peak usage. The new SkyVision Day service is designed so that telcos no longer need pay for idle or unused night-time capacity – peak hours remain just that: peak hours.

The traffic differential between high and low points over 24 hours is often as much as 5:1 and the difference between day and night is usually 3:1. According to SkyVision CEO Mark Gazit rates for the new service will be 20-30% cheaper than for full 24-hour bandwidth.

SkyVision says that the idea for the service came from its customers who include ISPs, telco incumbents and mobile operators. Its advantage is that being a global operator it can make use of the night-time capacity in other parts of the world.

C-Band capacity over Africa has been pretty tight over the last 12 months but SkyVision has 15 transponders on MS10. Formerly known as an inclined orbit satellite operator, 96% of SkyVision’s satellite capacity is now over conventional satellites. It will soon be adding additional capacity over Africa and as CEO Mark Gazit told us:”We’re trying to keep increases as low as possible for existing customers. We need to support our customers in difficult times and then they will support us when things are better. Prices are likely to go down in 2 years time.”