Computer News - In Brief


- In Uganda, members of Parliament on the Information Communication Technology (ICT) committee have asked Parliament not to approve a supplementary budget of sh27b requested by the internal affairs ministry for the national information system. The ICT committee chairman, Nathan Nabeta, accused the internal affairs officials of rushing to sign a contract without addressing some of the issues like who will store the information and how it will be accessed by other agencies.

- Local ISP RSAWEB has launched True Cloud Servers, a cloud hosting platform that allows users to deploy and provision fully operational servers in just minutes. The first of its kind in South Africa, RSAWEB’s True Cloud Servers offer benefits previously unavailable to businesses hosting locally. The two main differences between True Cloud Servers and any similar products that are currently available are the speed at which servers can be deployed and provisioned, and the flexibility and scalability of the offering.

- South Africa’s Software provider SilverBridge plans to buy a software company targeting the short-term insurance market to sustain its growth. The company provides software products and support services to banks and life assurance companies. In the life assurance market, the software is used to administer clients' policies. "There are good synergies between life assurance and short-term insurance. Some of our clients require a supplier to offer both short-term and life assurance software systems," CEO Jaco Swanepoel said.