AMD closes South African Office

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AMD has chosen to close its South African branch less than two years after the company established a corporate presence within the region. AMD has chosen to revert to the agency model it previously operated under within South Africa and cited global economic pressure as the reason behind the closure.

Country Manager Imi Mosaheb, channel sales executive Nia Zacharias and back office staff have all been retrenched. The local AMD agent that will take on the portfolio is due to be announced in the coming weeks. In keeping with the previous agency model which ran from 2005 to 2007 the local agent will report directly to the AMD Dubai Office where former head of the region Gaith Kadir will once again oversee the market.

Kadir refused to be drawn on who the local representative would be, stating that the entities involved were still in the process of finalizing contracts. He did however assure that the agent would be “a very strong AMD person in terms of the technical aspects of the business. He's no stranger to the business and we're fortunate to have him in South Africa."

AMD assures that it has no plans to abandon the region, explaining that it simply intends to “make AMD a more agile and streamlined company” ensuring that the move “is not expected to have an impact on availability of AMD processor-based solutions in the country, or on the level of service we bring to our regional customers”

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