CCK and PortinXS - Kenya
Netherlands based PortingXS says that it has won a contract from the Kenyan telecoms regulator to manage Mobile Number Portability in the country. PortingXS will start number portability services in a few months, depending on the consultations with national providers and the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK).

iBurst and Ciena – South Africa
Ciena(R) Corporation, a network specialist, announced that iBurst, South Africa's leading wireless broadband service provider, has deployed Ciena's Carrier Ethernet Service Delivery (CESD) platforms in an innovative transport network capable of supporting wireless backhaul for 3G and 4G wireless networks. iBurst has replaced its existing Layer 2 infrastructure with Ciena's wireless backhaul solution, which leverages connection-oriented Ethernet, to provide higher performance service levels in its radio cell collection network. This architectural approach has enabled iBurst to develop a highly-resilient and scalable wireless backhaul network.