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[HIPSSA/CA-5] Calls for Applications for the development of CEMAC guidelines on cybersecurity

For this HIPSSA project's activity implemented in collaboration with the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) and the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC), a team of four consultants will be set up.

The team will be responsible for developing Community Acts (directives) on cybersecurity and ECCAS model laws on cybersecurity.

HIPSSA/CA-5.1: Expert juridique principal spécialisé en matière de e-commerce

HIPSSA/CA-5.2: Expert juridique principal spécialisé dans la protection des données personnelles

HIPSSA/CA-5.3: Expert principal juridique spécialisé en matière de TIC et de cybercriminalité

HIPSSA/CA-5.4: Expert juridique régional en matière de TIC et de cybersécurité

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