* Rwanda Development Board and Cormatic - Rwanda

The Rwanda Development Board/Information and Communication Technology, Tuesday signed a deal worth US $5.2m with a Swedish ICT firm, Coromatic, to establish a National Data Centre (NDC) where all national data will be stored.

* Movicel and Amdoc - Angola

Angolan mobile operator Movicel has selected Amdocs’ Compact Convergence solution for real-time charging and service delivery to support its expanding CDMA2000-based operations, and to establish a foundation for offering 3G services. The solution will also enable Movicel rapidly to introduce new, value added, pre-paid and post-paid services and promotions across any network platform.

* MTN and cVidya - South Africa

South Africa's MTN ­has ordered a Revenue Assurance platform from Vidya Networks, along with a deal with HP to act as system integrator. No financial details of the contract were provided. “We are delighted to be working with MTN and look forward to enabling MTN to improve its bottom line and efficiency. cVidya’s recognized the importance of the African market and we therefore consider MTN to be a strategic project, as cVidya’s first Tier 1 project in Africa,” commented Alon Aginsky, CEO at cVidya Networks.

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