Africom Launches New Satellite Telecommunication Port in Zimbabwe


Telecommunications and information technology company Africom (Pvt.) Ltd has launched a new satellite telecommunication port in Harare in a move that is set to enhance the company's IT and telecommunications services in the country.

The new satellite teleport is expected to expand the company's satellite bandwidth, telecommunications networks and to improve its ICT services, especially in the remote areas of the country, which are at the centre of the Zimbabwean economy's agriculture, mining and tourism sectors.

Said Africom Chief Executive Officer Kwanayi Kashangura: "Whilst satellite technology is not new in Zimbabwe, our investment will dramatically improve response times by reducing the latency between the satellites in the sky and our hub, resulting in faster communication."

Speaking at the launch of the teleport, Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe Deputy Director-General Alfred Marisa emphasized the increasing relevance of information and communication technology to the effective functioning of the economy. "Access to and the use of information and communication technologies has become a key pillar for firms and nations to compete and prosper globally.

Commenting on this Marisa said: "Although this development should be applauded it should be appreciated for what it is, a stop-gap measure. It will help to connect the Africom customer to the Internet crowd. "However, fibre optics is today the preferred technology if the country is going to meet international standards in ICT utilisation."

Africom (Pvt.) Ltd has been operating in the country for the past 15 years and was the first of the new operators to be granted a license by POTRAZ.