Firm Introduces 'Paperless Classroom in Nigeria


Aside the growing number of private schools in Nigeria that have impacted on the education sector, another initiative that is set to drive the sector further is the introduction of a paperless classroom device christened, All Genius Educator (AGE).

The system a small mobile platform that can be deployed as a digital classroom will allow students, irrespective of their location, get access to top notch educational contents. According to him, this module is another method of using ICT to advance education in Nigeria

Unlike online mediums which use internet systems, the CEO of Paperless Homework Nigeria, Panshi Sale said other features of the platform include allowing students in both rural and urban areas to access information. But as in any ICT project the availability of PCs is required.

Sale said the advantage of using AGE is that it does not require continuous internet and it runs on old computers as well. The system, by virtue of being able to reach out to every school/student with minimal connections and at minimal costs, it is able to cover wide base.

Panshi Sale further said that in a situation where schools have broadband, not all students have it at home as 'content which has been specially developed for broadband which are very heavy multimedia materials, would only be accessible in schools thereby limiting the access to content'.

For rural areas where broadband in not available, and where they use dial ups direct land line to access the internet, he said AGE can be downloaded easily through a CD or USB drive. In remote rural areas that have neither communication links nor electricity, the executive officer said low powered Net-books can be advantageous and power will be sourced from Solar panels.

'With the advent of telecentres being set up by government, students can go to the nearest telecentres to access AGE contents and bring them home to their village through a pen drive which can store as much as 5 years of content.

For situations like normadic schools that are not stationed in one place, and where there are no nearest electricity or internet (middle of nowhere), he said AGE is the ideal companion and solution to these types of students as they can carry their educational contents with them any where they are going to and still have the same kind of experience. 'AGE contents can be sent to these areas through the use of pen drives. Recommended PCs would be the low powered netbooks using solar panels', he said.