Internet News - In Brief


- The Rwanda National Police has put in place mechanisms that will enable Rwandans to process their drivers' licences online. According to Mary Gahonzire, the Commissioner General of Police, preparatory services like scheduling driving exams will be accessed with only a click.

- Charity Computer Aid International is turning to Twitter today to source used PCs from UK organisations to help equip education and health projects in Africa. Followers of the charity are being encouraged to use Twitter to publicise the drive for 10,000 PCs to be donated in the next four weeks - with an initial aim of 1,000 PCs in the first four hours of the online campaign.

- Shareholders of AccessKenya have taken a major leap in reducing the Annual General Meeting costs. On Wednesday, they voted for use of electronic mails or newspaper adverts to issue AGM notices to cut the huge postage and printing costs.