Nigeria’s Linkserve claims big hit for its Broadband Blast service with homes and SMEs


One of Nigeria’s key ISP players Linkserve has announced that its new product, Blast Broadband  Blast was designed to meet the connection needs of homes, small and medium sized businesses and is an integration of the widely-used terrestrial wireless industry technology with the latest in advanced and proven satellite technology based on Viasat’s Surfbeam Broadband System.

Linkserve Chairman, Chima Onyekwere, said ever since Blast hit the market in the last week of March 2010, demand for the product has been on the increase. “We started with a promo and offered the first 150 subscribers the equipment at a reduced price, just to excite the market and I must confess that we were all astonished at consumer response as every single one of the allotted units was sold within the week,” he said.

“This has encouraged us to announce another such promo to allow more people the chance to enjoy this amazing product,” Onyekwere.

Each offering is especially tailored for the use of each client. That means no one service is like the other. Each package is pay-as-you-use with no hidden charges. “Whatever the needs of the user, he gets exactly what he pays for,” he said.

He said educational development in Nigeria would also be boosted by Blast as more students and teachers begin to adopt e-learning, as its service delivery features allows for real time, online knowledge impartation with no disruptions regardless of weather conditions.