Computer News - In Brief


- Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Information Communication and Technology has finalised the Information Communication and Technology draft Bill as it moves to meet some of its targets in the 100-day plan.

- One Laptop Per Child Global Center has open in Rwanda. The centre which will be based in KIST, will support the ongoing OLPC implementation and create an African laptop network.

- Arua local government in Uganda plans to use the newly-introduced electronic banking system to fight corruption, reports Frank Mugabi. The chief administrative officer, Samuel Okot, in whose office the system has already been installed, said it would enable the district to monitor all withdrawals of public funds. "We will watch how our accounts are operating. Where anomalies are detected, we will move in fast to stop the transaction," Okot said.

- The Government of Ghana is to set up Ghana National Computer Emergency Response Team (GNCERT) to clampdown the current high incident of cyber crimes in the country. Furthermore, the GNCERT is a national initiative to tackle emerging challenges in the area of information security and country level security risks and vulnerabilities.